• Billing Solutions

  • Access Control & Secure Locking Solutions

  • TEM Solutions

  • MVNE & MVNO Solutions

Founded in 1995

Our personnel have been supporting the MTS range of products since 1987.  As a supplier to the largest Fixed Line Operator in Southern Africa, we have gained invaluable insight into a wide range of end-user customers and customer requirements and are therefore able to supply and support ICT products, ICT Management and Billing Solutions to all types of customers, from SMEs to large Corporate clients, from small PBX vendors to large Telecommunications Operators.

We are proud distributors of all MER Group, MTS and OUTLOCKS products

Distributor of:

  • Converged Billing Solutions
  • MVNE and MVNO Solutions
  • Mobile Money Solutions
  • Telecommunications Expense Management
  • Remote Access Control & secure Locking Solutions


MTS Awards

Our technology and service delivery are the backbone of our solutions, and we work hard to ensure it is remains innovative and best-of-breed. We are proud to share some of the recognition that we have received from leading technology organizations and publications, validating our technology and services to deliver the best telecommunications solution in the industry.